Workshops for HSE LED Conference Participants and Attendees

Speakers will share unique information in the areas of quality assessment in English language education, translation in the field of new technologies, and intercultural features of the Caspian countries.

Online Workshop “Modern Approaches to Developing Assessment Materials for Evaluating the Quality of Education in English for Russian School Students”

Speaker: Yuri Smirnov, Leading specialist, Department of measurement materials for education quality assessment development, Moscow Center for Education Quality

Online Workshop “Translation in the Realm of Emerging Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, New Realities, and Handling Lexicon with No Equivalents in the Russian Language — Based on the Experience of Translating AI Journey Sber in the First Person”

Speaker: Andrei Lazko, Senior Lecturer, Department of English No. 2, Faculty of International Economic Relations, Moscow State Institute of International Relations

Online Workshop “Intercultural Dialogue with Representatives of the Caspian Region”

Speaker: Daniel Osipov, Associate Professor, School of Foreign Languages, HSE

Thank you for your interest in the Conference and look forward to seeing you!

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