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Building Undergraduate L2 Students’ Pathways Toward Writing Literature Reviews in English: Issues and Considerations
We invite ELT professionals who want to expand the scope of skills taught to students to join the seminar. The presentation shares some insights gained from teaching research proposal literature review (LR) writing in an academic writing course for Russian undergraduate EFL writers. 

Where & when
The link will be sent a day and an hour before the seminar
April 27,
5 PM
After students completed a 6-week module on writing Introductions to research proposals (Module 1), over the next eight weeks of Module 2, they were offered classroom instruction that exposed them to international genre conventions for writing the LR section based on a variety of sample texts and activities. In particular, students focused on:

  • issues related to critical reading and writing,
  • the structure of LRs,
  • argument construction,
  • language use (e.g., choice and use of related academic language chunks, tense use, hedging in LRs), paraphrasing, synthesizing, and quoting skills,
  • as well as referencing sources using APA.
  • drafting their LR outlines and pieces of varying length following explicit rubrics
  • had their drafts reviewed by peers in class and the instructor.

A post-instruction survey was conducted to elicit students’ opinions of their experiences with learning how to write LRs and related challenges. Based on participants’ feedback and the instructor’s insights from reviewing students’ LR drafts, the presentation will conclude with some pedagogical considerations for teaching literature review writing in undergraduate academic writing courses for L2 students.
  • Vera Dugartsyrenova
    Associate Professor: School of Foreign Languages, HSE University 
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