The sphere of Elena Nikolaevna's scientific interests was extremely wide and covered almost all aspects of the methodology of teaching foreign languages.

In this regard, we invite you to make a report on the following topics related to scientific and professional activities of Elena N. Solovova.

Conference topics:

  • Theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages: Traditions and modernity
  • A variety of approaches to the assessment of learning outcomes in foreign languages
  • Educational materials on foreign languages (modern trends)
  • Foreign language in the field of professional communication
  • Modern linguistic education in a multilingual and multicultural educational context
  • Teaching translation as a professional activity
  • Digitalization of modern education: problems and prospects
  • Professional training and advanced training of a foreign language teacher

Elena Solovova made a significant contribution to the development of HSE. It is thanks to Elena that the bachelor’s and master’s programmes on foreign languages came into being. These programmes became popular among prospective students very quickly. Elena led the development of a new concept of foreign language teaching which immediately made HSE stand out among other universities.

Elena started her career in 1980s after graduating from Moscow State Pedagogical Institute (now MSPU). At first, she used to work as a school teacher of foreign languages, then she became a university teacher at MSPU and then at MSU. In 2005, she became Doctor of Sciences in Theory and Methods of Education. In 2013, Elena started working at HSE.

It was Elena who took the lead in establishing the Department of Foreign Languages at HSE, the purpose of which was to structure student affairs and to prepare teachers in this field. Shortly after, Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication bachelor’s and master’s programmes were established. Elena also used to be the head of the group who worked on developing control and measuring materials for state exams on foreign languages.

Professor Solovova’s colleagues emphasize the exceptional level of her professionalism. As Elena Penskaja, a Tenured Professor of HSE, says, “Professor Solovova possessed a combination of qualities that is hard to imagine in a single person. She was a linguist with academic reputation among Russian and international scholars, a talented organizer, a professional of the highest class. ‘Solovova’s Linguistics’ is a trademark well-recognized far beyond HSE. Elena’s contribution to the HSE’s development and reputation is undeniable.”

A lecture room at the HSE building in Staraya Basmannaya street, where Elena used to work, was named in her honour.

In December 2019, the School of Foreign Languages held and international conference Foreign Languages Teaching: Traditions and Innovations in memory of Elena Solovova.

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