D: Development

Development is one of the instrumental constituents of success in the modern world, competitive advantage and an indispensable condition of any professional sphere functioning. In the framework of this trajectory we would like to invite scientists, experts and practitioners to the dialogue on the perspectives of language education and its performance outside the university, not only inside of the sections, but also within round table discussions, minisymposia and panel discussions.

Language education is becoming more and more practice-oriented, simultaneously Intercultural Communication experts demand is surging in the modern business world. Major companies collaborate with Foreign Languages and IC educational programs at various levels, thus, the following spectrum of issues is of great interest:

  • Optimisation of mutually profitable partnership between the sphere of Language Education and business.
  • Additional competences of linguists, translators and intercultural communication specialists: employers’ expectations as a tool for Educational syllabi development.
  • What could be the contribution of Language Educational Establishments to a city’s social and cultural life?
  • Future professional occupations within business sphere related to Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication.
  • New professions in technologized education.
  • Joint projects within business and educational programs as an element of syllabus.
  • Development of language education in an interdisciplinary context.
  • Development of project and product approaches in language education.
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