Formats of LED

HSE LED Conference unites scientists and teachers, experts and practitioners, administrators and managers in order to discuss the most timely issues, 'embraces' various formats, from classical sections to panel discussions and master-classes, thus, providing the multifacetedness of the professional and academic discussion.

We are sure that online is never an obstacle for the collaboration of motivated people. Vice versa, it’s an unique opportunity which should be benefited from in the rapidly changing world adapting to the current conditions.

Why we choose online
  • Economy
    Online events allow reducing travel and accommodation costs for participants, as well as avoiding bureaucratic issues that inevitably arise from obtaining visa and other entry documents.
  • Environmental friendliness
    Respect for the environment is the priority of society and the contribution of each person individually. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by limiting the number of airplane trips helps to improve the overall environmental situation.

  • Global reach
    Online conferences eliminate organizational problems with a maximum number of participants and provide an opportunity to invite everyone. The organizers do not need to limit the number of participants for reasons of the capacity of venues and participants themselves are spared from the uncertainty associated with traveling during the pandemic. The online conference will unite all interested parties from all over the world.
  • Various interactive formats
    Online conferences are an opportunity to listen to a speaker, respond to a colleague's comment and scroll through nice offers of a career fair on the conference’s website and do it all at the same time. Conference participants are given the opportunity to make the most of the online conference space and use a variety of interactive formats.

  • Effective time management
    Another advantage of online event formats is their high concentration — hours of listening to presentations are a thing of the past, virtual events are fighting for the attention of participants, so the online conference programme can please with a quick change of presentation formats, a “lounge zone” for virtual gatherings with colleagues for all kinds of discussions, as well as flexible opportunities to immediately ask questions or become a speaker yourself with access to the virtual podium.
Speaker's participation formats
Traditional oral report with presentation - 15 min.
Brief overview of a problem and suggested solutions - 15-30 minutes.

A speaker presents a case from their professional experience to the audience and shows solutions to be applied.
Initiation of some educational/ practical activity - `15-30 minutes.

A speaker initiates a practical seminar on professional skills mastering.
What else we offer?
  • Chats
    Participants will be able to ask questions and discuss presentations in a common format.
  • Live forum for open discussions
    Participants will be able to discuss the most timely issues in the format of videocalls.
  • Networking 
    Meetings within the conference platform with potential partners or colleagues.
  • Exhibition/Fair of the Conference partners and various current events happening in the world of Language
    Infromation stands for future collaborations. 
“How is it possible?” - you may ask.
With the help of a professional team of interactive platform developers which incorporates a multitude of necessary tools of online conference/meeting, social network, internet webpage and online storage.

Well in advance we will provide you with your personal access data, concise user guide as well as an option to plan your individual LED Conference schedule of events.

Stay tuned!

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