L: Languages

Oxford English Language Dictionary defines the word “language” first of all as “the system of communication in speech and writing that is used by people of a particular country or area”. Stemming from “the system of communication”, the Conference trajectory implies a wide scope of concerns embracing such scientific fields as “Linguistics”, “Translation theory”, and “Intercultural Communication”. Thereby, we realize that in some cases it is impossible to distinct the aforementioned thematic blocks, thus, the Conference aims at creating an interdisciplinary space at the intersection of the given domains.

In the framework of the “Languages” section the Conference allots a platform for deliberating on various linguistic phenomena with the emphasis on applied and empirical research, even more so in the sphere of language and culture collaboration:

  • Empirical research in the sphere of theoretical and applied linguistics.
  • Peripheral linguistics issues, including synchronous and diachronous aspects.
  • Linguistic aspects of Intercultural Communication: language in socio-cultural context; language as a reflection of a culture uniqueness; language world view.
  • Comparative interdisciplinary research with a linguistic component.
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